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The Main Causes of Death in European Metal

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By Vegazza Valentine (European Metal Channel) Metal music is often associated with drugs, alcohol, mental disorders and suicides. In this brief article, you can see in how far this corresponds to factual accounts. Obviously, this doesn’t mean  if you play or listen to Metal you’ll end your days in any of these ways. And it goes without saying that people… [Read More]

Interview: New Tenants

New Tenants1

Polaris thought new metal was dead. Well, he was wrong. New Tenants from Buchloe, Germany, show how it’s done. Let’s see what singer Jimmy has to say. Hey there,  let me begin by saying that you really (positively) surprised me with your long player ‘Unity by Collision’! Are we back in the 1990s and you’re going on tour with .downset?… [Read More]

Interview: Eternal Storm


It’s been a while since Eternal Storm were featured on our rather dormant online zine. But now we managed to sit down and interview these melodic deathers from Spain.  Hey there, thanks for your time to answer a few questions. Before I get into the questions, please provide me with a small rundown of the history of Eternal Storm? Daniel: Thank you… [Read More]

What Awaits Us – AWAKE

What Awaits Us - Awake

Lately, my faith in destiny, justice and karma have once again taken a beating. Bad guys always seem to win. The world is a cruel, evil place. Like today for instance, I had one of the worst days of my life. I haven’t had a day this bad in who knows how long. Years, maybe decades. So, before we start,… [Read More]

New Tenants – Unity by Collision


I realise now – this is definitely the final sign – that I’m a kid of the 1990s. Because around 15-20 years ago, there was this music genre which everybody seemed to get hooked on: Crossover! For me it started all with the legendary Body Count. Goddamn, what a killer time we had in high school listening to ‘Cop Killer’… [Read More]

Interview: Victor Brandt (Entombed A.D. and others)


Vendetta Metal Magazine is a zine for underground and demo bands only. But sometimes we make an exception to that rule. This time in the form of Victor Brandt, bassist for the legendary Entombed A.D. and, as you will see, several other bands. Spoiler alert: there is some serious death metal coming our way.  Hey Victor! Thank you so much… [Read More]